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JSI Tip 3813. How do I retrieve a Knowledge Base article if I know the Article Id?

Microsoft published an article entitled How to Search Product Support Services site.

In tip 0144, I showed the '' technique for directly retrieving an article id. To retrieve Q102652, "How to Search Windows NT Articles by Topic", you could type the following into the Address bar:

Here are two other shortcuts:

1. Press CTRL+O and type mskb 102652. On the MSN page, press the link to mskb 102652.

2. Type mskb 102652 in the Run line, at a CMD prompt, or create a shortcut to the mskb.bat file, which contains:

@echo off
set /p nnnnnn=Enter the numeric portion of the Article Id.
start "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE"

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