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JSI Tip 3782. How can I delegate the DHCP Server 'Authorize' permission to non Enterprise Administrators?

You must have DHCP Server Authorize permissions to install a Windows 2000 DHCP Server. This permission is granted to the Enterprise Administrators group.

If no DHCP server is currently authorized, you can use the following procedure to delegate the Authorize permission.

01. Logon as a Member of the Enterprise Administrators group.

02. Start ADSI-Edit Support Tool.

03. Open the Configuration Container and expand the following Path:


04. Right-Click the NetServices container and select Properties.

05. Select on the Security tab.

06. Press the Advanced button.

07. Add a DHCP Admins.

08. In the Apply onto dropdown,select This object only.

09. Allow Create DHCPclass Objects, and Delete DHCPclass Objects.

10. OK three times to close Properties.

11. Right click the existing DHCPclass Object cn=DhcpRoot and select Properties.

12. Click the Security tab.

13. Add the DHCP Admins group.

14. Allow the DHCP Admins group the Write permission.

15. Press OK to close the Properties window.

16. Close ADSI-Edit.

The DHCP Admins group is now able to authorize and unauthorize DHCP Servers.

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