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JSI Tip 3779. Users can't delete a drive that is mapped to their home directory?

When a user opens a CMD prompt and types net use \[<HomeDrive:>\] /d, they receive:

The device is being accessed by an active process.
More help is available by typing NET HELPMSG 2404.

If the home drive was mapped in User Manager or Active Directory, NetDDE has an active connection to the server.

To resolve this issue, close all open files thast may be affected. Then use one of the following:

1. Disconnect the drive using WinFile.exe. You will receive:

There are currently files open on <mapped drive letter:> (connected to \\server\share). If you do not close the files before disconnecting from the network device, data may be lost. Do you want to disconnect the device anyway?

Press Yes. The connection will time out and you can type: net use \[<HomeDrive:>\] /d.

2. Unplug the network cable. When the connection times out, you can type: net use \[<HomeDrive:>\] /d.

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