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JSI Tip 3778. How do I create a dump file of a process that shutdown or hangs?

1. Download Dbg.exe.

2. Double-click Dbg.exe to install the Userdump.exe program.

3. Double-click C:\Program Files\Debuggers\bin\userdump\setup.exe to install a kernel-mode driver, Userdump.sys, and the Process Dump icon in Control Panel.

4. Double-click the Process Dump icon.

5. On the Exception Monitoring tab, press New to add Mtx.exe and Dllhost.exe to the Monitor list.

NOTE: You can alter the type of errors that start the Userdump.exe by selecting the a program from the Monitor list and pressing Rules.

When Mtx.exe or Dllhost.exe generates a monitored error, Userdump.exe starts and creates a .dmp file.

To create a .dmp file for a hanging process, use Task Manager / Process Tab to note the PID of the hanging program. Then open a CMD prompt and type:

Userdump <PID>

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