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JSI Tip 3727. Freeware DELRP.EXE deletes NTFS objects and associated reparse points.

In tip 2600, I described reparse points, the underlying objects of junction points.

Microsoft has provided DELRP.exe: Delete File and Reparse Points as freeware:

"This command-line tool deletes a file or directory and any associated reparse points.

In Microsoft Windows 2000, NTFS file system supports a new file system entity called a "reparse point." Reparse points are used as building blocks by Microsoft and third-parties to enhance NTFS file system behavior. They are used in Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) and Volume Mount Points.

For HSM, reparse points are used to implement remote storage and other future storage add-ons. For Volume Mount Points, they eliminate drive letter restrictions by using mount points.

NOTE: Using reparse points, applications can trap open operations against file system objects and run their own code before returning file data."

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