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JSI Tip 3726. Freeware Cluster verification utility.

Cluster Verification Utility.

"This tool verifies that a two-node cluster is set up properly. The minimum requirements for a server cluster follow:

Two servers connected by a network.
A method for each server to gain access to the other's disk data.
Special cluster, software such as the Cluster service, which is part of the Microsoft Windows 2000 operating system.

Cluster Verification Utility includes two tests as follows:

Configuration Verification, which allows you to verify that the two cluster nodes can communicate with each other, and that both have access to the same shared SCSI drive or drives.

Shared SCSI Drive Diagnostic Verification, which tests a shared SCSI bus for functionality as required by the Cluster service systems.

Caution: This test destroys data on all disks on the shared bus.

Important: This tool writes to drive A on each node of the cluster being tested. Therefore, these drives contain a writable floppy disk before running the tool."

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