JSI Tip 3725. Freeware Cluster Quorum restore utility.

Clusrest.exe: Cluster Quorum Restore Utility.

"This tool is used in a Microsoft® Windows® 2000 cluster after a node has been restored using NtBackup, a component of the Windows 2000 operating system. NtBackup leaves the quorum data in a directory on the node's disk, but does not restore it to the quorum disk at that time. Restoring the quorum disk requires that the cluster be stopped and restarted, which may not be necessary or desirable. If a quorum disk requires a restore, the cluster is most likely down and the operation will not negatively impact operation.

The process of restoring a single node of a cluster is straightforward. You must first restore the system state and cluster state to the node; then you must restart. This causes the node to rejoin the cluster and restores it to operation.

To restore the quorum disk, following the node restore, run Clusrest.exe. This moves the quorum data from the node to the quorum. The node can then be restarted and the cluster should be established. Other nodes may then join the cluster as they are brought up.

Note: Restoring a quorum rolls the cluster back in time to the backup date. There are impacts to performing this operation that include loss of data. This operation should only be undertaken when it becomes absolutely necessary."

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