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JSI Tip 3718. Microsoft releases FAZAM 'lite' as freeware.

The reduced functionality version of FAZAM, is a GUI tool that extends the Group Policy management functionality of Windows 2000. It is designed for small enterprises, and single domains with less than 500 users or computers.

FAZAM provides:

A user interface for managing Group Policy objects (GPOs) that provides a hierarchical view
 of policies associated with organizational units (OUs) and domains. 

a Resultant Set of Policies (RSoP) feature that enables the display of applicable policies for software installation,
 registry settings, folder redirection, and scripts. 

Simulation of scenarios in which a computer or a user moves from one OU to another with analysis of the RSoPs. 

Diagnostics that show the history of applied GPOs. 

A search feature for GPOs based on the globally unique identifier (GUID) and GPO name. 

Backup of GPO settings. 

Restoration of GPO settings for a single domain. 

Partial reporting of registry settings.
Download FAZAM.

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