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JSI Tip 3710. Error 0203 when you try to start the Windows Installer service on Windows NT 4.0?

When you try to start the Windows Installer server on Windows NT 4.0, you receive:

Could not start the Windows Installer service on <Computer Name>

Error 0203: The system could not find the environment option that was entered.
To resolve this issue, grant the System account Full Control on the %SystemRoot%\Installer folder:

1. Right-click %SystemRoot%\Installer in Windows Explorer and press Properties.

2. Press Permissions on the Security tab.

3. Press the Add button.

4. Select the System account and press Add.

5. Select Full Control in Type of access and press OK.

6. Check the Replace permissions on subdirectories box.

7. Press OK.

8. Respond Yes to the Replace permissions on all subdirectories prompt.

9. Press OK.

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