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JSI Tip 3705. Windows 2000 SP2 does NOT automatically install or upgrade the Support Tools?

When you apply Windows 2000 SP2, the Supports Tools are NOT automatically upgraded or installed.

The updated tools are available in the \Support\Tools\ file on the Windows 2000 SP2 CD-ROM, or you can download them from

You can get help on these tools by typing toolname /help at a CMD prompt, or from the Support Tools help file, W2rksupp.chm.

For information about fixes and features included in the updated tools, see:

Q276537 - Windows 2000 Does Not Have Functions for TrustMon to Determine If Secure Channel Passwords Are Not Synchronized.

Q259887 - RRType HINFO or ISDN Are Not Added When You Use the Dnscmd.exe Tool.

Q267855 - Problems with Many Domain Controllers with Active Directory Integrated DNS Zones.

Q265706 - DCDiag and NetDiag in Windows 2000 Facilitate Domain Join and DC Creation.

Q293114 - Updates to Dfsutil.exe.

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