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JSI Tip 3696. How do I create custom drive icons and labels?

My server has 7 CD-ROM drives and I wanted to establish a custom icon from each drive. I also wanted a custom label when the drive has no media, instead of the default Compact Disk (E:).

NOTE: E represents the drive letter.

I have created a model .REG file that you can use:





@="Custom Drive Label"

            1. Replace E with the drive letter you wish to customize. You may also add additional Drive Letter sub-keys.

            2. If the file that you specify has more than one icon, replace 0 with the zero-based index of the icon.

            3. The Custom Drive Label only works for Windows 2000.

            4. Shutdown and restart your computer for the changes to become effective.

            5. You may have to mount / dismount media in the drive before the change becomes effective.

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