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JSI Tip 3685. Freeware GetSysInfo returns some hard to obtain information.

Download and unzip it. When you run GetSysInfo.exe, it produces a display similar to:

GetSysInfo V01.00.00cpp Joe Richards ([email protected]) May 2001

Computer Name: JSI005
Number of Processors: 1
Proc Architecture   : INTEL
Proc Level          : Intel Pentium Pro or Pentium II
OS Version: MS Win2000 Pro Ver 5.0 Service Pack 2(2195)
Physical Memory: 267894784
Available Memory: 74211328
Memory Load: 72%
C:\     12587548672       8116330496
D:\      5550608384       2831908864
NOTE: The line(s) with the drive information contains drive size and freespace.

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