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JSI Tip 3614. How do I implement a custom Windows 2000 Group Policy?

In article Implementing Registry-Based Group Policy, Microsoft explains how to build a custom Group Policy.

If you wanted to implement DnsUpdateOnAllAdapters, you could:

01. copy/paste the following to a DnsUpdateOnAllAdapters.adm file:

Class Machine

Category !!AdministrativeServices

Category !!DNSClient

Policy !!DnsUpdateOnAllAdapters
Keyname "System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Netlogon\Parameters"
Explain !!DnsUpdateOnAllAdapters_Help
Valuename "DnsUpdateOnAllAdapters" 
End Policy

End Category ;;DNS Client

End Category ;;AdministrativeServices

DNSClient="DNS Client"
DnsUpdateOnAllAdapters="Enable Dynamic Update On All Adapters"
DnsUpdateOnAllAdapters_Help="Restore Pre-SP1 DDNS functionality."

;End of Strings
02. Open Active Directory Users and Computers and right-click the target domain or OU. Press Properties.

03. Select the Group Policy tab and edit the GPO to which you wish to add the custom policy.

04. Navigate to Computer Configuration / Administrative Templates.

05. On the View menu, clear the Show Policies Only box.

06. Right-click Administrative Templates and press Add/Remove Templates.

07. Press Add and select the DnsUpdateOnAllAdapters.adm file. Press Close.

08. Navigate to Computer Configuration / Administrative Templates / System / DNS Client.

09. Double-click Enable Dynamic Update On All Adapters.

10. Press Enable and OK.


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