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JSI Tip 3609. What events trigger urgent replication in Windows 2000?

Most Active Directory replication uses the intra-site replication schedule. Selected changes to Active Directory objects replicate immediately. The following events trigger Urgent Replication:

Windows 2000 native mode domains:

- Newly locked-out accounts.
- Changing a LSA secret.
- RID Manager state changes.

Windows 2000 mixed mode domains (replication to a Windows NT 4.0 BDC):

- Newly locked-out accounts.
- Changing a LSA secret.
- Changing the account lockout policy.
- Changing the domain password policy.
- Changing the password on a machine account.

Password Replication in Windows 2000:

Unlike Windows NT 4.0, password changes can be made to any domain controller, because each is a writeable full replica. See tip 2855 ยป Windows 2000 Domain client replicates password change immediately?

NOTE: Down-level clients always contact the PDC to make a password change.

NOTE: Change notifications propagate across inter-site connections, as configured on each site-link.

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