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JSI Tip 3582. The License Logging Service is not running on the target computer?

If you receive the following message while using the License Logging Service (LLS) MMC snap-in, you have not properly configured the licensing computer:

The License Logging Service is not running on the target machine, or the target machine is not accessible.

The licensing computer must be the PDC Emulator.

To change the licensing computer to the PDC Emulator:

1. Active Directory Sites and Services / Sites / Default-First-Site-Name.

2. Right-click Licensing Site Settings and press Properties.

3. Change the Licensing Computer to the PDC Emulator.

4. Restart the 'wrong' computer and after it is restart, restart the PDC Emulator.

NOTE: If you restart the LLS while the licensing computer is incorrectly specified, you will receive Error 1060: The specified service does not exist as an installed service.

NOTE: See Q273475 Licensing in Windows 2000 and Differences with Windows NT 4.0.

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