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JSI Tip 3573. The Where.exe Windows 2000 Resource Kit tool.

The Where.exe tool can run recursive searches for files and/or folders on a local or network drive. It can accept environment variable instead of a path:

where \[/r dir\] \[/q\] \[/t\] \[/e\] \[/Q\] pattern ...


where \[/q\] \[/t\] \[/e\] \[/Q\] $envvar: pattern ...

/r dir   - Recursive search starting at folder dir.

/q - Quiet mode, set exit code.

/t - Display the size and date/time of the file.

/e - Display the executable type, if the file is executable.

/Q - Double-quote the path.

pattern - The search argument. Wildcard characters are allowed.

$envvar - Use in place of /r dir on the local computer: Where $windir:*.log

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