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JSI Tip 3565. Export Windows 2000 and/or Windows NT objects to a delimited file.



PointDev, the makers of Ideal Administration and Ideal Migration, have released a new version of Ideal Migration. The evaluation version has free and unlimited object export capability.

The primary function of Ideal Migration is to help administrators manage domain migrations or consolidations.

I installed the Ideal Migration evaluation version on Windows 2000 Professional. Using the Migration Assistant, I added the computer name of my domain controller and removed the local computer and checked the  boxes, as Figure 1 shows:

The Migration Assistant exported the following files:

JSI001_computers.csv JSI001_groups.csv JSI001_groupsm.csv JSI001_ous.csv JSI001_perms.csv JSI001_ports.csv JSI001_printers.csv JSI001_shares.csv JSI001_users.csv
The first line of each file contains the field names. Here are the fields from the JSI001_ users.csv file.
Computer; Computer type; Name; User In; Membre Of; Membre In; Win2000 session; WinNT session; LANMAN & MD4 passwords; Last logon; Last logoff; Must change pwd...; Disabled; Locked out; Pwd cannot change; Pwd never expires; Reversible encryption; Smart card; Trusted for delegation; Account is sensitive; Use DES; Not require KERBEROS; Pwd age; Expires; Hours; Stations; Path; Script; Drive; Directory; Dialin; Call-back; Full name; Description; First name; Initials; Display name; Office; Telephone number; E-Mail; Web page; Street; P.O. Box; City; State/Province; Zip/Postal Code; Country/Region; Home phone; Pager phone; Mobile phone; Fax; IP Phone; Comments; Title; Department; Company; Manager; SID;
You can import these files into a database or spreadsheet, or parse the information with a FOR command.

Link to PointDev from my catalog page and download Ideal Migration.

You can also add the computers that you want to manage to the MMC:

1. Press Console.

2. Press Add/Remove Snap-in.

3. Press Add.

4. Select the Ideal Migration snap-in and press Add.

5. Select Another computer and enter or Browse to the selected computer, as Figure 2 shows. 

6. Press Finish, Close, and OK.

7. Press Console / Save to save the new configuration.

NOTE: You can add an unlimited number of computers.

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