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JSI Tip 3546. Windows 2000 Autochk.exe hangs during startup?

In tip 2608 ยป Description of Enhanced Chkdsk, Autochk, and Chkntfs Tools in Windows 2000, a Microsoft Knowledge Base article describes the Windows 2000 enhancements.

Occasionally, Autochk.exe may hang on startup, preventing the completion of the tasks that were scheduled for the NTFS system volume. This condition is more likely on a multiprocessor system.

To workaround this issue, you could do any of the following:

1. Restart the system and press F8 when the boot menu appears. Select the Last Known Good to bypass Autochk.

2. Restart the computer and select your boot option. When the Autochk count down timer appears, press any key to bypass it. This will remove the relevant registry entries, so autochk won't run on subsequent restarts.

If you wish to check the volume, but are experiencing the race condition that causes this hang, start the Recovery Console and type chkdsk \[Drive:\] /P.

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