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JSI Tip 3531. How do I message my remote users in their language?

If you have users that different languages, it would be nice to 'message' them in their own language. If they were running a logon script or batch, you could determine their country with the following code snippet:

set cc=???
for /f "Tokens=2" %%i in ('REGfree -ListValue "HKCU\Control Panel\International\sLanguage"') do set cc=%%i
if "%cc%" EQU "???" goto unknown
if "%cc%" EQU "ENU" goto English
if "%cc%" EQU "CSY" goto Czech
if "%cc%" EQU "DAN" goto Danish
. . . .
if "%cc%" EQU "TRK" goto Turkish
sLanguage  Language abbreviation: (U.S. English is ENU)
Value Meaning
CSY Czech
DAN Danish
DEA German (Austrian)
DES German (Swiss)
DEU German
ELL Greek
ENA English (Australia)
ENC English (Canada)
ENG English (U.K.)
ENI English (Irish)
ENU English (U.S.)
ENZ English (New Zealand)
ESM Spanish (Mexican)
ESN Modern Spanish
ESP Castilian Spanish
ETI Estonian
FIN Finnish
FRA French
FRB French (Belgian)
FRC French (Canadian)
FRS French (Swiss)
HUN Hungarian
ISL Icelandic
ITA Italian
ITS Italian (Swiss)
NLB Dutch (Belgian)
NLD Dutch
NON Norwegian (Nynorsk)
NOR Norwegian (Bokmal)
PLK Polish
PTB Portuguese (Brazilian)
PTG Portuguese
RUS Russian
SKY Slovak
SVC Swedish
SVE Swedish
TRK Turkish

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