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JSI Tip 3489. ScriptLogic provides some usefull freeware.

If you visit my ScriptLogic catalog, press the ScriptLogic logo, and Press Scripting Utilities, you can download the following freeware:

Clear Logon Username       - ClrName will clear the last user's name from the Windows 95/98/NT/2000 logon dialog box.

NetOrder                   - NetOrder allows you to switch the network provider call order in Windows 95/98.
                             A necessity if you have a mixed NT/NetWare environment and are using Novell's Client32.

Multi-level Make Directory - MMD will create a multi-level \[sub\]directory structure.  

MakeScut                   - MakeScut is a command line utility that will dynamically create shortcut
                             (.lnk/.pif/.url) files from within your logon script or from the command line.

PlayWav                    - PlayWav simply allows you play any WAV file from within your logon script, startup folder,
                             batch file or the command prompt, without any visual effects or windows displayed,
                             and while your script continues to execute!

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