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JSI Tip 3428. How can I add or remove Windows 2000 components from a batch?


Windows 2000 includes SysOCmgr.exe (Optional Components) located at %SystemRoot%\system32.

When you open a CMD prompt and type Sysocmgr /?, the following image is displayed: A typical command line could be:

sysocmgr /i:%SystemRoot%\inf\sysoc.inf /u:c:\ocm.txt /q

where c:\oc.txt is an answer file that contains a \[Components\] and/or a \[NetOptionalComponents\] section. Any answer file that contains the required section(s) is acceptable, as SysOCmgr.exe only parses these sections. Here is an example:

   \[Components\]    Netoc = on    Reminst = on    Paint = off    pinball = off    Solitaire = off     \[NetOptionalComponents\]    lpdsvc = 1    SimpTcp = 1    wins = 1
NOTE:You can NOT install / uninstall core components, such as COM+, Distributed Transaction Coordinator, and the Microsoft Fax Service.


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