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JSI Tip 3401. How do I reset the secure channel's password in Windows 2000?

In tip 2477, I explained how to reset the secure channel password using the NETDOM utility from the Support Tools.

You can also right-click the computer account in Active Directory Users and Computer and press Reset.
Once you have performed a computer account Reset, the computer must rejoin the domain.

If the NETDOM RESETPWD doesn't work, and you can't logon to the domain, perform the following procedure:

1. Log on locally, as a local administrator.

2. Open a CMD prompt and type:

   NETDOM REMOVE YourComputerName /Domain:YourDomainName /UserD:DomainAdminName /PasswordD:DomainAdminNamePassword /REBOOT:10
3. After the reboot, log on locally, as a local administrator.

4. Open a CMD prompt and type:

   NETDOM JOIN YourComputerName /Domain:YourDomainName /UserD:DomainAdminName /PasswordD:DomainAdminNamePassword \[/OU:OrganizationUnit\] /REBOOT:10
5. After the Reboot, log on to the domain with your domain account.

NOTE: You may perform the above operations from any Windows 2000/Windows NT computer,
by adding the following additional parameters to the commands:

   /UserO:LocalAdministrativeUserOnYourComputerName /PasswordO:LocalAdministrativeUserOnYourComputerNamePassword
NOTE: Organizational unit must be the fully qualified RFC 1779 DN for the OU.

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