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JSI Tip 3392. Why you should avoid naming a Windows 2000 subfolder 'Folder Settings'?

When you customize a folder, Windows 2000 creates a subfolder named Folder Settings, to store the files necessary for the customization. Windows 2000 sets the Hidden attribute on the Folder Settings folder.

If you already had a Folder Settings subfolder, and you have NOT changed the default Hide protected operating system files and Do not show hidden files and folders options, the subfolder will 'disappear'.

To 'recover' your data:

1. Open My Computer.

2. On the Tools menu, press Folder Options.

3. On the View tab, Show hidden files and folders.

4. Clear the Hide protected operating system files box.

5. Press OK.

6. Move the data to a new folder.

7. Change the folder options back to their original settings.

NOTE: If you must use a Folder Settings subfolder, DO NOT use Web view, or DO NOT customize the parent folder.

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