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JSI Tip 3386. What are the 'Local Area Connection' icon states in Windows 2000?

The Local Area Connection icon under Network and Dial-up Connections can have four states:

Active or Enabled

When the connection is active and working, the icon's computer screen is in color. On the taskbar, this state appears as two computer screens, which flash when active.
Disabled When the connection is disabled, the icon is dimmed, or shaded. There is no icon in the taskbar.

When the cable or media is disconnected, the icon is dimmed, or shaded with a red X. The icon on the taskbar is a computer with a red X.
No Icon There is no Local Area Connection icon when no network adapter is present or configured.

NOTE: The icon on the taskbar only appears when configured, tip 3378 » How can I change the Local Area Connection name and/or the connection icon on the taskbar, using the registry?

NOTE: The network adapter must support media sensing to support the Disconnected state, tip 2444 » Windows 2000 TCP/IP Media Sensing.

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