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JSI Tip 3381. How do I install a Windows 2000 print driver, for point and print, on a Windows NT 4.0 print server?

To install a Windows 2000 print driver on a Windows NT 4.0 print server for point and print functionality:

1. Log on to a Windows 2000 computer as a domain administrator.

2. Use Start / Run / \\NT4PrintServer / OK to display the shares on the the NT 4.0 print server.

3. Open the Printers folder on the print server.

4. Right-click the printer that requires the Windows 2000 print driver and press Sharing.

5. On the Sharing tab, press Additional Drivers.

6. Check the Intel / Windows 2000 option and press OK.

7. Select the location of the .INF file and install the driver.

NOTE: The above procedure may NOT work with 3rd party drivers.

8. With the Windows NT 4.0 print server's Printers folder still selected, press the File / Server Properties / Drivers.

9. You should see the Windows 2000 driver in the Installed print drivers list.

NOTE: You could use Regedt32 to open the Windows NT 4.0 print server's registry at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Environments\Windows NT x86\Drivers. The Version-2 sub-key is for Windows NT 4.0 and the Version-3 sub-key is for Windows 2000.

NOTE: You can use Fixprnsv.exe to install Windows 2000 print drivers for all the drivers on the Windows NT 4.0 print server.

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