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JSI Tip 3373. Your can't print to an IBM network printer using LPR?

When you use Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 2000 TCP/IP Printing Services, that uses the LPR (Line Printer Remote) protocol, to print to an IBM network printer, the print jobs may not print. Your event log may contain messages similar to:

 Event ID: 13
Source: Print
Type: Information
Description: <DocumentName> owned by <UserName> was deleted on <PrinterName>.
Some IBM network printer models require that the LPD queue name be PASS or TEXT.

PASS is used for binary print files and/or files that are processed through any IBM printer driver, to produce PCL or PostScript files.

TEXT is used for print files that contain unformatted text with carriage returns, or unformatted text with carriage returns and line feeds.

Here is a list of some IBM printers that may have this requirement:

IBM Network Printer 12
IBM Network Printer 17
IBM InfoPrint 20
IBM Network Printer 24
IBM InfoPrint 32
Search for article reference ID number: 872567D0005FA866.

NOTE: When you use the Add Standard TCP/IP Printer Port wizard in Windows 2000, it configures the IBM port to use LPR and the LPD queue name as PASS. If the device cannot be contacted during configuration, you must select IBM Network Printer from the Standard Device Types list.

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