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JSI Tip 3371. How do I restrict network access from Office 2000 users?

When you implement policy to restrict network access, users are still able to map network drives from within Microsoft Office programs.

To disable the Map Network Drive command on the Tools button of the Open and Save As dialog boxes of the office programs, use:

Windows NT 4.0

The Winnt.adm policy template from the Windows NT 4.0 Server. Poledit.exe is available from the I386 folder of the CD-ROM. Use Control Panel / Add\Remove Programs to install System Policy Editor.

Using Poledit.exe, press Options / Policy Template. Make sure the Winnt.adm is loaded in the Policy Template Options dialog box. If not, Press Add and Browse to Winnt\Inf and install the template. Press OK. NOTE: The default path of the system policy templates (.ADM files) on Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Workstation and Microsoft Windows 2000 Server is c:\winnt\inf.

On the File menu, press Open Registry. Double-click Local User and Expand the Windows NT Shell settings. select Restrictions settings. Select the Remove the Map Network Drive and Disconnect Network Drive options. Press OK.

Windows 2000

The Default Domain policy or Local Computer policy. Navigate through User Configuration / Administrative Templates / Windows Components / Windows Explorer and set Remove Map Network Drive and Disconnect Network Drive to Enabled. Close the MMC.

NOTE: You may prefer to implement network restrictions by using NoNetConnectDisconnect, NoNetHood, NoEntireNetwork, NoWorkgroupContents, or ScriptLogic.

NOTE: If you use the Office 2000 Resource Kit templates, you must use the System Policy Editor from ORKTools.exe.

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