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JSI Tip 3360. How can I remotely share a resource in Windows 2000?

If you have more than a few resources that you wish to remotely share, RMTSHARE is the method of choice.

With only a few resources to share, you can:

01. Right-click My Computer and press Manage.

02. Right-click Computer Management (Local) and press Connect to another computer.

03. Double-click the computer whose resources you wish to share, or type its' name into Name.

04. In the right hand pane, double-click System Tools.

05. Double-click Shared Folders.

06. Right-click Shares and press New File Share.

07. You could type C:\Stuff to create a folder on the C: drive named Stuff, or Browse to select a folder.

08. Type the Share name, the name that the folder will be shared as.

09. Optionally, enter a Share description.

10. Press Next and set the share permissions that you require.

11. Press Finish.

12. You will receive: The folder has been shared out successfully for the following clients:, followed by the client category.
      Do you want to create another shared folder?
      Respond Yes or No.

NOTE: The RMTSHARE syntax is:

RMTSHARE  \\server

          \\server\sharename=drive:path \[/USERS:number | /UNLIMITED\]
                               \[/GRANT \[user\[:perm\]\[ /GRANT user\[:perm\]\]\]\]
                               \[/REMOVE user\]

          \\server\sharename=printername /PRINTER \[/USERS:number | /UNLIMITED\]
                               \[/GRANT \[user\[:perm\]\[ /GRANT user\[:perm\]\]\]\]
                               \[/REMOVE user\]

          \\server\sharename \[/USERS:number | /UNLIMITED\]
                               \[/GRANT \[user\[:perm\]\[ /GRANT user\[:perm\]\]\]\]
                               \[/REMOVE user\]

          \\server\sharename /DELETE

NOTE: If a sharename or path contains spaces, it should be enclosed in quotes:
            \\server\"with space"="c:\with space"

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