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JSI Tip 3356. How do I control the behavior of Group Policy over a slow link?

If you set a policy to install a program, you wouldn't want this applied to a user who connects via RAS, as it may take hours to complete.

When a slow link is detected, the default behavior is:

Policies that are applied

   Registry settings

   Security policies

   EFS recovery policy

   IP security

Policies that are not applied

   Application Deployment


   Folder Redirection

   Disk Quotas
You can create or modify a Group Policy Object ( GPO) to alter this behavior. This example will use the Default Domain GPO:

1. Using the Active Directory Users and Computers Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in, right-click your domain object and press Properties.

2. Select the Group Policy tab.

3. Select the Default Domain Policy and press Edit.

4. Navigate to Computer Configuration \ Administrative Templates \ System \ Group Policy.
    The following default behaviors can be changed:

  Folder redirection policy processing
  Disk quota policy processing
  Scripts policy processing
  EFS recovery policy processing
  Software installation policy processing
  IP security policy processing
5. If you wish to allow scripts to run, double-click Scripts policy processing and check Enabled. Check the Allow processing across a slow network connection box and press OK.

6. Close the snap-in.

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