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JSI Tip 3352. Duplicate name error when you connect to a Windows 2000 server using an alias?

When you try to connect from a Windows 2000 client to a Windows 2000 server, by using an alias, you receive:

        System error 52 has occurred.
        A duplicate name exists on the network.
If you typed 'net view \\', where alias is a CNAME record created for the server in the zone, this problem will occur, because the server is not listening for the alias.

To resolve the problem, implement tip 0062 ยป Give your machine a Netbios alias in Windows NT.

A Windows NT client may be able to connect using the \\ format, without implementing tip 0062, because after a failure, it sends a Node Status Request for name to the server. The Windows 2000 server responds with a list of names that the server listens on, which includes its' primary computer name. The client then continues the session establishment process, as long as NetBIOS over TCP/IP (NetBT) is enabled on the server.

NOTE: See When you connect to a Windows 2000 server using an alias, you receive 'System error 52 has occurred'?

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