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JSI Tip 3352. Duplicate name error when you connect to a Windows 2000 server using an alias?

When you try to connect from a Windows 2000 client to a Windows 2000 server, by using an alias, you receive:

        System error 52 has occurred.
        A duplicate name exists on the network.
If you typed 'net view \\', where alias is a CNAME record created for the server in the zone, this problem will occur, because the server is not listening for the alias.

To resolve the problem, implement tip 0062 » Give your machine a Netbios alias in Windows NT.

A Windows NT client may be able to connect using the \\ format, without implementing tip 0062, because after a failure, it sends a Node Status Request for name to the server. The Windows 2000 server responds with a list of names that the server listens on, which includes its' primary computer name. The client then continues the session establishment process, as long as NetBIOS over TCP/IP (NetBT) is enabled on the server.

NOTE: See When you connect to a Windows 2000 server using an alias, you receive 'System error 52 has occurred'?

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