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JSI Tip 3348. Windows 2000 Internet Printing.

When you install IIS on a Windows 2000 Server, Internet printing is automatically enabled.

Any shared printer on the IIS server is made accessible to clients who have the IPP (Internet Printer Protocol) installed. Clients using Internet Explorer 4.01 and later, who have IPP support, can print to the Internet printers.

Windows 2000 has IPP support and it is available as an add-on for the W9x clients.

A client can browse the Internet printers using http://ServerName/Priners or http://ServerName.FQDN/printers.

When a client presses Connect, the server creates a .cab file that contains the appropriate device driver, if you installed it on the IIS server, and downloads the driver to ensure point-and-print functionality. If you didn't install the driver, and it is not already available on the client, they are prompted to install it.

After connecting, you can monitor and administer the printers from the Web client. This is controlled by ASP scripts, which are automatically created when the IIS server starts.

See tip 3037 » Windows 2000 Internet printing virtual folder is not created?

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