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JSI Tip 3347. Event ID 13557, the File Replication Service has detected a duplicate connection object?

If your File Replication Service event log on a domain controller or member server contains:

        Event Type: Error
        Event Source: NtFrs
        Event Category: None
        Event ID: 13557
        Date: MM/DD/YYYY
        Time: HH:MM:SS AM/PM
        User: N/A
        Computer: <Computername>
        Description: The File Replication Service has detected a duplicate connection object between this computer,
        <Computer 1>, and a computer named <Computer 2>.  This was detected for the following replica set: 
This is an invalid condition, preventing replication between the two computers.

It is possible that the condition is transient, caused by Active Directory replication delays. If replication does not occurs within a few hours, you must manually delete the duplicate connect objects:

1. Start the Active Directory Sites and Services snap-in.

2. Press Sites and select the site of <Computer 1>.

3. Press Servers and then click <Computer 1>.

4. Press NTDS Settings.

5. Look for duplicate connections from <Computer 1>, in <Computer 1>'s site name, and delete all but one of the connections.

An administrator may create duplicate connection objects when more than one administrator adds manual connection objects. seeing no KCC-generated connection, the administrators add manual connections in a remote site where a KCC-generated site has not yet been replicated. Administrator-generated connection objects are never removed or overridden by the KCC.

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