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JSI Tip 3324. When moving a group to another cluster node, you receive error 5005?

When you move a group to another cluster node, you receive:

An error occurred attempting to move the group <group name>

A cluster node is not available for this operation.

Error ID: 5005 (0000138d)
This error can be cause by:

1. The target node is paused.

2. The target node is in transition, either joining or leaving the cluster.

3. Some resources in the group you are moving do NOT have the target node listed as a possible owner.

To workaround the ownership problem, view the Properties of each resource in the group that failed to move. If the target node is not listed as a possible owner, press Modify and add the node.

If there are no ownership problems, verify that the Cluster service is started on the target node, and that Cluster Administrator does not display the node as paused.

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