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JSI Tip 3322. Windows 2000 hangs when loading your video driver?

When you restart your Windows 2000 computer, it hangs while loading your video driver?

To workaround this problem, which is likely to be video driver corruption, restart in VGA mode.

In VGA mode:

1. Delete your video driver (see the NOTE).

2. Right-click My Computer and press Manage.

3. In Device Manager, select Show hidden devices on the View menu.

4. Locate your video adapter under Display adapters.

5. Right-click the video adapter and press Uninstall.

6. Shutdown and restart your computer. Windows 2000 should detect your device and reinstall it.

NOTE: If you are not sure which driver to delete, right-click your video adapter (step 5) and press Properties. On the Driver tab, press Driver Details.... Your driver is the file that is listed at %SystemRoot%\System32\DRIVERS.

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