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JSI Tip 3315. What will Windows 2000 Service Pack 2 contain?

Until it is released, nobody knows what Windows 2000 Service Pack 2 will exactly contain.

You can get a partial idea, by searching the Knowledge Base for kbWin2000PreSP2Fix.
I say partial, because the Knowledge Base returns a maximum of 200 entries for each search.
Here is the list of 200 articles that were returned from my search of Windows 2000, for kbWin2000PreSP2Fix:

Q222043 - Roaming Profile Folders Do Not Allow Administrative Access", "When a roaming profile is written for the first time, permissions for the   created folder (\\\\", "10037", "11/15/2000 1:28:00 PM")

Q253246 - Hewlett-Packard T-10 Server Hangs on Boot", "After you install Windows 2000 on a Hewlett-Packard (HP) T-10 server, the server may stop responding (hang) at startup.", "8425", "11/15/2000 1:21:00 PM")

Q258100 - Performance Problems May Occur If a Process Uses the Same Endpoint for Both TCP and UDP", "When a program uses both User Datagram Protocol (UDP) and Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) to bind to the same endpoint (the same port and TCP/IP address), performance problems can occur under load. Note that this problem usually occurs ", "6032", "11/15/2000 1:19:00 PM")

Q254500 - Screen Saver Does Not Run If the Console Is Locked", "If you have a screen saver set to run after two minutes or more, the screen saver may not run if you lock the console by pressing CTRL+ALT+DELETE and then pressing ENTER.", "9241", "11/15/2000 1:20:00 PM")

Q258002 - Invalid Characters in DNS Queries", "Invalid characters may appear in Domain Name System (DNS) queries when you use some of the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-ins. This does not affect the operation, but it may cause extra network traffic.", "7255", "11/15/2000 1:19:00 PM")

Q260055 - OHCI1394 Driver May Cause a Memory Leak During Asynchronous Write Operation", "A memory leak in the non-paged pool can be observed when a driver uses a REQUEST_ASYNC_WRITE request to perform an asynchronous write with certain parameters.", "8113", "11/15/2000 1:19:00 PM")

Q255573 - Cannot Use "Copy To" Button for a Domain User Profile from Windows 2000 Professional", "Administrators cannot use the", "7168", "11/15/2000 1:20:00 PM")

Q259169 - Some Toshiba Utilities May Not Work Correctly After Suspending Computer", "After you resume a Toshiba laptop computer that is in Standby or Hibernate mode, some Toshiba utilities may not work correctly.", "8211", "11/15/2000 1:19:00 PM")

Q260186 - SendPort DNS Registry Key Does Not Work as Expected", "When you upgrade your Microsoft Windows NT 4.0-based computer that is running Domain Name Service (DNS) to Windows 2000, you may experience name resolution issues.", "9210", "11/15/2000 1:19:00 PM")

Q259425 - Windows 2000 Does Not Set Toshiba Laptop Computers in Power-Saving State", "Windows 2000 does not place Toshiba laptop computers in the C2/C3 power-saving state. This can cause a laptop computer to exhaust its battery in a shorter time period than you expect.", "7187", "11/15/2000 1:19:00 PM")

Q260231 - Windows 2000 Professional Cannot Join Windows NT 4.0 Domain with Third-Party DNS Server", "A computer that is running Windows 2000 Professional cannot join a Microsoft Windows NT 4.0-based domain using a third-party Domain Name System (DNS) server if the SRV resource records are not supported.", "9248", "11/15/2000 1:19:00 PM")

Q260233 - Support for ATA 100 (Mode 5 ) in Windows 2000", "Windows 2000 does not support ATA-100 (Mode 5) for IDE hard disks. All ATA-100 IDE hard disks that are used with Windows 2000 default to ATA-66 (Mode 4).", "7530", "11/15/2000 1:19:00 PM")

Q260241 - Registry Quota Leak In Windows 2000", "Certain registry operations may cause the registry size that is reported in the user interface to be miscalculated. The operations that lead to this condition do not commonly occur. However, if this condition does occur, the reported curren", "7662", "11/15/2000 1:19:00 PM")

Q258281 - Small SCSI Disk May Seem to Have Zero Cylinders in Windows 2000", "Programs that retrieve disk geometry information may show that very small SCSI disks have zero cylinders. If such a disk does not already have a signature, you cannot perform operations on the disk by using Logical Disk Manager.", "12760", "11/15/2000 1:19:00 PM")

Q259545 - Windows 2000 Starts Slowly After Modifying SMART Drive Parameters", "Windows 2000 may spend between 1.5 and 4.5 seconds querying each drive at startup. You see the drive activity light during this time. This delay is most obvious on computers that have many drives; the boot sequence is delayed until each dri", "8281", "11/15/2000 1:19:00 PM")

Q263006 - Logon Time Restrictions Prevent Users on Windows 95/98 or Windows NT 4.0 from Remotely Accessing Windows 2000 Resources", "In an environment with a Microsoft Windows NT 4.0-based primary domain controller (PDC) and Windows 2000-based computers, non-administrative users who are logged on to Windows NT 4.0-based computers may not be able to gain access to Windows", "8335", "1/3/2001 12:46:00 AM")

Q259622 - Command Processor May Not Parse Excessive Arguments Properly", "It may be possible (under specific conditions) for a malicious user to submit an excessively long environment string to be passed to the command processor on a computer running Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 2000 and cause the computer to stop r", "15167", "11/15/2000 1:19:00 PM")

Q260319 - Sysprep "-pnp" Switch May Not Install Non-Native Signed Drivers", "If there is a device (such as a network adapter, video adapter, or audio card) that is installed during the original installation (that is, during the building of the image), Windows seems to retain the .inf file that is used to install the", "7761", "11/15/2000 1:19:00 PM")

Q264061 - Home Folder Is Searched First When You Try to Run a Program", "If you have a home folder set and you try to run a program by clicking", "9135", "11/28/2000 12:52:00 PM")

Q266040 - Taskbar Indicator for StickyKeys Does Not Show Key Status", "When you enable the StickyKeys accessibility feature with the key status indicator on the taskbar, the status indicators may not work.", "7386", "11/15/2000 1:16:00 PM")

Q256643 - Unable to Prevent DNS Zone Administrator from Creating New Zones", "The Windows 2000 DNS White Paper describes how to delegate administration of a zone to a DNS administrator so that a DNS administrator can administer a specific zone but is not able to modify other configured zones.", "9389", "11/15/2000 1:20:00 PM")

Q263077 - Arrow Keys Do Not Work in Windows 2000 HyperTerminal with VT100 Emulation", "When you press any of the ARROW keys while you are using HyperTerminal on your Windows 2000-based computer that is using VT100 emulation, the ARROW keys do not work if you are connected to a computer that uses the ARROW keys to move the poi", "8792", "11/15/2000 1:17:00 PM")

Q264078 - Preventing ISA Plug and Play Device from Using 0x279", "On a Windows 2000-based computer, if you have a device that uses the I/O port range 0x0278 - 0x027F, the device may not function properly.", "7336", "11/15/2000 1:17:00 PM")

Q259698 - Windows 2000 Cannot Connect to Windows NT 4.0 Server with SMB Signing Enabled", "If a Microsoft Windows NT 4.0-based server has support for SMB signing turned on, a Windows 2000-based client may have problems connecting to it. If the initial attempt to connect is made with an invalid password, the error message "Network", "7971", "11/15/2000 1:19:00 PM")

Q266082 - Trust Does Not Work Between Windows 2000 and MIT Kerberos", "When you attempt to create a trust between Windows 2000 and a MIT Kerberos realm, and you have disabled NetBIOS over Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), the trust does not work and you may receive the following error m", "7960", "11/15/2000 1:16:00 PM")

Q255952 - Unable to Contact DHCP Server with RIS Boot Disk", "When you start a Remote Install Service (RIS) client by using the Remote Install boot disk you created with the Remote Boot Floppy Generator (Rbfg.exe), you may receive the following error message:", "8461", "11/15/2000 1:20:00 PM")

Q265003 - Windows 2000 Overwrites or Damages an OS/2 Boot Manager Partition", "You can create an OS/2 Boot Manager partition by using IBM OS/2 or Partition Magic from PowerQuest to establish a multi-boot environment. This OS/2 Boot Manager partition can become damaged because of a Windows 2000 shutdown. This damage ca", "11242", "11/15/2000 1:17:00 PM")

Q258702 - Non-Administrator Users Cannot Change System Font Size", "When a user who does not have Administrator privileges logs on to a Windows 2000-based computer, the user cannot change the system font size. The font", "9243", "11/15/2000 1:19:00 PM")

Q259711 - Application May Not Open Handle to Plug and Play Device Connected to a USB Hub", "When you remove a Plug and Play Universal Serial Bus (USB) hub (a surprise removal) and an application does not close the handle to a device connected to the hub, the application may not open the handle to the device when you plug in the US", "6977", "11/15/2000 1:19:00 PM")

Q271067 - Client Computer with High Connect Rate Opens Many Sockets", "When a client computer reaches a high open and close connection rate (around 600 connections per second), the close notifications that are triggered by the Ipnat driver are too late, resulting in a large number of opened sockets.", "7320", "11/15/2000 1:15:00 PM")

Q263207 - QoS Program Causes 100 Percent CPU Usage", "A program that uses Quality of Service (QoS) sockets may consume 100 percent of the CPU resources for a period of time.", "7147", "11/15/2000 1:17:00 PM")

Q274015 - Computer Hangs During Startup with a PC Card Modem on a Japanese Model Toshiba Portege34x0", "When you restart your Japanese model of the Toshiba Protege 3410 laptop computer or insert a PC Card (R2) modem, your computer may stop responding (hang).", "7717", "11/15/2000 1:14:00 PM")

Q271075 - Spanish Windows 2000 May Show Some Misaligned OEM Information in System Properties", "When you view System properties on a computer that is running a Spanish Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) version of Windows 2000, some OEM information may be misaligned.", "7397", "11/29/2000 10:17:00 AM")

Q265017 - Gethostbyaddr() May Return Node Name Instead of Virtual Name", "If your program uses the", "7437", "11/15/2000 1:17:00 PM")

Q268229 - Deadlock When APC Routine for SetWaitableTimeruser Calls System Interfaces", "In Windows 2000, a deadlock can occur if system calls are made in the APC routine for SetWaitableTimer.", "7729", "11/15/2000 1:16:00 PM")

Q263221 - Memory Leak in Pdh.dll Querying Performance Counters That Do Not Exist", "When you query performance counters that do not exist, a memory leak in Pdh.dll occurs.", "7114", "11/15/2000 1:17:00 PM")

Q272065 - Bad Password Attempts Are Repeatedly Forwarded from Domain Controllers to the PDC Operations Master", "When Netlogon processes an authentication request on a domain controller and the request does not work because there is a "bad" password, the request is repeated on the primary domain controller (PDC) operations master.", "9018", "11/15/2000 1:15:00 PM")

Q266132 - Windows 2000 Hangs at "Preparing Network Connections" Screen on Multiple-Processor Computers", "Windows 2000 may stop responding (hang) on multiple-processor computers during startup when the "Preparing Network Connections" screen is displayed. When this problem occurs, you may find the following entry in the registry:", "7608", "11/15/2000 1:16:00 PM")

Q268236 - Non-Administrator Cannot Gain Access to Removable Media", "When a non-administrative user attempts to gain access to removable media, the user may receive an "Access denied" error message. This behavior occurs after an administrator applies the "Allowed to eject removable NTFS media" policy on the ", "7908", "11/15/2000 1:16:00 PM")

Q262137 - Client Connection Manager for Terminal Services Causes Access Violation in Explorer.exe", "When you create a connection with Connection Manager for the Terminal Services client and then copy and paste the icon to the desktop, an access violation may occur in Explorer.exe", "7634", "12/10/2000 7:23:00 AM")

Q271148 - MaxMpxCt and MaxCmds Limits in Windows 2000", "Windows 2000-based clients that attempt multiple simultaneous long-term requests against a file server may receive error code 56 ("The network BIOS command limit has been reached") even if larger MaxCmds or MaxMpxCt values have been specifi", "10343", "11/15/2000 1:15:00 PM")

Q272303 - RPC Server Service Stops Responding", "If a malicious user transmits a malformed Remote Procedure Call (RPC) client packet to a Windows 2000-based computer, the RPC Server service on the host computer may stop responding (hang). If this occurs, you must restart the host computer", "8717", "11/15/2000 1:15:00 PM")

Q272252 - Signature Problems with German Version of the Xenroll.dll File", "When you attempt to connect to a Windows 2000-based computer to obtain access to a certificate enrollment, you may receive a warning message that states that the authenticity of the Xenroll.dll file cannot be verified, and therefore cannot ", "8972", "11/15/2000 1:15:00 PM")

Q272308 - "WINNT32 /CHECKUPGRADEONLY /UNATTEND" Is Not Fully Automated", "If you use the", "7242", "11/15/2000 1:15:00 PM")

Q265248 - The Routing and Remote Access Service Incorrectly Logs Client Termination As an Admin Reset", "When a client computer tries to terminate a connection to the server, the Routing and Remote Access service may log the event as an "Admin Reset" rather than a "User Request."", "7748", "11/15/2000 1:17:00 PM")

Q259739 - ADsOpenObject("LDAP://RootDSE", ....) Call Generates Incorrect DNS Queries on the Network", "When", "7179", "11/15/2000 1:19:00 PM")

Q274060 - Cannot Use "Shell:" Command in the Run Dialog Box", "When you try to run the", "7949", "12/29/2000 4:52:00 PM")

Q268347 - Connectivity Problem with IEEE 1394 OHCI Host Controllers", "When you try to connect an Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 1394 high-performance serial bus-compliant device, such as a digital camera, you may be unable to do so.", "7311", "11/15/2000 1:16:00 PM")

Q268258 - Host with Initial Cluster State Turned Off Stops If Any Host Parameter Is Changed", "If you configure a Windows Clustering host so that the", "7627", "1/10/2001 10:57:00 AM")

Q266247 - Special Function Keys May Not Work on Dell Laptop Computers", "When you start your computer and log on, the special function key functions may not work. For example, you can  press Function+END to cause the BIOS to interpret the keystrokes and mute or "unmute" the sound. This does not work by default. ", "7301", "11/21/2000 3:56:00 PM")

Q274062 - Windows 2000-Based Clients Cannot Use GSSAPI to Delegate to Kerberos Servers", "When you use Kerberos delegation and the program that is requesting the delegation uses Generic Security Services Application Programming Interface (GSSAPI) instead of Microsoft Security Support Provider Interface (SSPI) to request the sess", "7434", "12/22/2000 1:50:00 PM")

Q265253 - Pointer May Not Be Visible if an OpenGL Program Has Data in the Overlay Planes", "Under the following conditions, your pointer may not be visible:", "8311", "11/15/2000 1:17:00 PM")

Q274064 - Network Services Can Be Accessed After Account Is Disabled", "A user who is interactively logged on can continue to access network services (for example, remote file shares) after that user's account has been disabled.", "6911", "12/22/2000 11:55:00 AM")

Q267271 - HP OfficeJet G-Series Fax Machine and Printer Devices May Not Work", "Multiple-function products from Hewlett-Packard (HP), may not work when you use them on Windows 2000-based computers. For example, OfficeJet G-series fax machines with printers may not work.", "7585", "12/22/2000 2:43:00 PM")

Q262050 - Network Program Settings Not Saved in Some Localized Versions of Windows 2000", "Network program settings for Network Address Translation (NAT) that you add in the Routing and Remote Access snap-in may not be saved. This may occur on localized versions of Windows 2000 Server that use a Windows code page other than 1250 ", "7284", "11/15/2000 1:18:00 PM")

Q271182 - Program Hangs Because of Deadlock in Ntdll", "A program may stop responding (hang) indefinitely. When this occurs, you must restart the program or process. This problem is most likely to occur on computers with multiple processors.", "7702", "1/11/2001 11:45:00 PM")

Q259750 - "The Message Alias Could Not Be Found on the Network" Error Message When Sending Multiple Net Sends", "When you send several messages in quick succession to a target computer by using the", "7588", "11/15/2000 1:19:00 PM")

Q272096 - The Services.exe Program Uses 100 Percent of the CPU When You Start the Web Service", "The Services.exe program may use 100 percent of the CPU after you restart Web services.", "7676", "11/17/2000 10:28:00 PM")

Q268082 - DNS SOA Record May Reveal Administrator Account Name", "Creating a new zone file in Domain Name System (DNS) could compromise the name of the Administrator account, even if the Administrator account has been renamed.", "9874", "11/15/2000 1:16:00 PM")

Q268277 - Problems Changing Nested Global Group Scope to Universal Group", "In the Active Directory Users and Computers tool, you can change a nested global group's scope to a universal group in Native mode. You should not do this because global groups can only contain users from the group's domain or other global ", "8137", "11/16/2000 1:45:00 PM")

Q272155 - Connectivity Problems Using VIA 1394 PCI Host Controllers", "You may experience connectivity problems when you use VIA 1394 PCI host controllers while attempting to establish a connection between two computer. You may see error statuses in Device Manager and be unable to browse. The cable connection ", "7615", "11/15/2000 1:15:00 PM")

Q265069 - Ntoskrnl and NTFS Performance Changes for Services for UNIX", "The Compaq Emerging Technologies Group, in partnership with Microsoft, is developing a Network Attached Storage system that will advertise vast amounts of storage on a network. This joint development effort has uncovered an issue in Windows", "7921", "11/15/2000 1:17:00 PM")

Q263179 - "Run Only Allowed Applications" List in Organizational Unit GPO Becomes Corrupted", "If you add long file names in the "Run Only Allowed Applications" list in an organizational unit group policy, the list becomes corrupted after the total number of characters exceeds 1,024.", "7238", "11/15/2000 1:17:00 PM")

Q268094 - Windows 2000 Cannot Read CD-R Discs Created with DirectCD", "Windows 2000 cannot read packet-written CD-R discs with metadata packets that are recorded at non-page-aligned addresses. This can prevent Windows 2000 from reading CD-R discs that are created by using Adaptec DirectCD or on Macintosh compu", "7975", "11/15/2000 1:16:00 PM")

Q278299 - Locked-Out Account That Is Reset at a Different DC May Be Locked Out with One Bad Password", "When you are using account-lockout policies in a domain with more than one domain controller (DC), if an account was previously locked out and then unlocked by an administrator, the account may be locked out after only one bad password atte", "8853", "1/10/2001 7:19:00 AM")

Q265087 - Smart Card Certificate Propagation May Delay the Log Off Procedure", "When you try to log off of a workstation that has smart card installed, there may be up to a one minute delay.", "7459", "11/15/2000 1:17:00 PM")

Q261276 - Parallel Direct Cable Connection Drops Shortly After Connecting", "When your direct cable connection through a parallel port has been inactive for 20 to 40 seconds, the connection may be disconnected. Note that this problem only occurs when you use a parallel port for direct connection from your Windows 98", "8382", "12/14/2000 10:17:00 PM")

Q263190 - Resetting Password on Domain Controller May Cause Incorrect Audit in Security Event Log", "When you reset a password on domain controllers with certain password policy restrictions, an erroneous audit is logged in the Security event log.", "7669", "11/15/2000 1:17:00 PM")

Q262376 - Computer Name Does Not Match the Windows 2000 Domain Name After Upgrade", "The fully qualified domain name computer name does not match the Windows 2000 domain name because a Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 upgrade automatically clears the", "7771", "12/31/2000 11:58:00 AM")

Q265326 - Cannot Create File Association for a File That Has No Extension", "When you try to create a file association by using the method that is described in the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article for a file that has no file name extension, Windows does not create the association:", "7398", "11/15/2000 1:17:00 PM")

Q274190 - Logon Banner Can Be Dismissed Without User Action", "In Windows 2000, you can configure a logon banner to be displayed before the prompt for logon credentials. If a user presses CTRL+ALT+DELETE, the logon banner is displayed in a message box with an", "7697", "11/15/2000 1:14:00 PM")

Q272348 - Windows 2000 Host Always Authenticates with the PDC If a Member of a Windows NT 4.0 Domain", "Windows 2000-based host computers that are joined to a Microsoft Windows NT 4.0-based domain may always establish a secure channel with the primary domain controller (PDC).", "8502", "1/6/2001 4:45:00 AM")

Q259885 - Wang Image Edit Control May Not Work During Copy and Paste Operation", "When you perform a copy and paste operation of an image between two instances of the Wang Image Edit control repeatedly in a program that was developed by using the Wang Image Edit control, the operation may eventually stop working and gene", "7809", "11/15/2000 1:19:00 PM")

Q272295 - Windows 2000 SP1 Computer Hangs When You Use IEEE 1394 Digital Camera in NetMeeting", "When you try to start an Institute of Electrical and  Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 1394 digital camera in Microsoft NetMeeting, your computer may stop responding (hang). Note that this problem only occurs with Windows 2000 Service Pack 1-bas", "7993", "12/20/2000 4:10:00 PM")

Q266375 - Network Load Balancing WMI Provider Memory Leak", "The Network Load Balancing (NLB) Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) provider leaks significant amounts of memory in the Winmgmt process. In testing scenarios, the leak has been as much as 20 MB in 10 hours.", "7166", "11/15/2000 1:16:00 PM")

Q266282 - Event 578 May Be Logged During Logoff or Shutdown", "Event 578 may be logged in the Security event log when auditing is enabled for tracking Privilege Use problems. This event is logged twice during logoff and Windows 2000 shutdown.", "6429", "11/15/2000 1:16:00 PM")

Q272173 - The Microsoft Windows 2000 Kernel Mode Cryptographic Module Has Received the FIPS 140-1 Status", "The Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-1 is a security  implementation validation scheme that is designed for certifying cryptographic software. FIPS 140-1 software that is validated is required by the U.S. government and req", "7856", "11/15/2000 1:15:00 PM")

Q262286 - Windows 2000 Direct and Indirect Printing over Infrared Port May Not Work", "Neither direct nor indirect printing over an infrared (or IrDA) port may work.", "7006", "11/15/2000 1:18:00 PM")

Q257489 - No Domains Listed in "Copy to" Dialog Box for Profiles", "When you copy user profiles to another location, you can optionally change who is permitted to use a profile by selecting from a list of users and groups from the local computer account database (for a member server or Windows 2000 Professi", "7025", "11/15/2000 1:20:00 PM")

Q261197 - More Than 15 IP Addresses Assigned to Server Cause Active Directory Problems", "Adding more than 15 IP addresses to a Windows 2000-based domain controller  causes Group Policy to stop being refreshed. The following system events are reported simultaneously in the Application Service log:", "8883", "1/8/2001 4:10:00 PM")

Q262288 - Exchange 5.5 KMS Does Not Work with Windows 2000 Certificate Server in a Windows NT 4.0 Domain", "If you are using a Windows 2000-based Certificate Authority (CA) in a Windows NT 4.0-based domain with an Exchange 5.5 Key Management server (KMS), you may receive the following error message when you attempt to issue V1 or V3 certificates:", "7910", "12/22/2000 11:17:00 AM")

Q262289 - Invalid DNS Records Are Not Removed", "When you create a site that does not have a domain controller, domain controllers from other sites are assigned to cover the site. After you install a domain controller at this site, the Domain Name System (DNS) records that point to the do", "7624", "11/15/2000 1:18:00 PM")

Q262290 - Deadlock in TAPI Service If the Provider Is Not Re-entrant", "When a program makes a call to the Telephony application programming interface (TAPI)", "7287", "11/15/2000 1:18:00 PM")

Q264510 - Rollup of Fixes for File and Print Services for NetWare (FPNW) Version 5.0", "Microsoft has released an update that corrects the following problems in Microsoft File and Print Services for NetWare (FPNW) version 5.0:", "8974", "11/15/2000 1:17:00 PM")

Q263464 - "NET SEND" to Windows 2000-Based Computer May Not Succeed", "The", "7488", "11/15/2000 1:17:00 PM")

Q278323 - Memory Leak in Keyboard and Mouse Class Drivers When You Unplug and Plug In USB Keyboard or Mouse", "After you unplug and plug in a Universal Serial Bus (USB) keyboard or mouse several times (approximately 42), the system stops sending I/O system event error messages to the event log.", "7664", "1/8/2001 5:04:00 PM")

Q265351 - Substituted Drives Are Persistent for Users on a Computer", "Drives that are created by using the", "7169", "1/2/2001 11:46:00 AM")

Q265357 - Roaming Profiles Cannot Create Key Containers", "If you are using a roaming user profile and the "Delete roaming profile cache" policy is in use, the", "8652", "12/19/2000 8:26:00 PM")

Q274261 - HyperTerminal Buffer History May Appear Corrupted", "In HyperTerminal, the text in the buffer window (the window above the command window) may appear to be corrupted. The text in the command window should move to the buffer window as the text scrolls past the top line in the command window. H", "7415", "11/15/2000 1:14:00 PM")

Q272425 - Ntbackup.exe Does Not Truncate Active Directory Logs During a System-State Backup", "When you create a system-state backup on a domain controller (DC), the NTDS logs are not cleaned up. The NTDS logs are being copied from the Edb.log file to an Edb", "7557", "1/8/2001 11:38:00 PM")

Q260834 - System Monitor Displays Incorrect Volume Size When Disk Is Mounted But Not Assigned a Drive Letter", "When a volume is mounted but is not assigned a driver letter, the wrong amount of free space is displayed in System Monitor.", "7934", "11/15/2000 1:18:00 PM")

Q271274 - STOP 0x7B Error Message or Unformatted Partitions After You Apply Windows 2000 Service Pack 1", "When you restart your computer after you install Windows 2000 Service Pack 1 (SP1), you may experience one of the following symptoms:", "9064", "11/15/2000 1:15:00 PM")

Q272388 - Users Are Not Enrolled in Parent Domain If KMS Is on Child Domain Controller", "When you use Exchange System Manager to enroll users in your parent domain, the users you add are not enrolled if the child domain controller contains Key Management Server (KMS). When you check your enroll log, it indicates that a critical", "7462", "11/15/2000 1:15:00 PM")

Q271355 - Access Violation Occurs in mgmtapi!AllocateTle()", "When you run a multiple-threaded program that uses Mgmtapi.dll (typically, network-management software) in Windows 2000, the program may stop responding (hang) with an access violation in the", "7309", "12/21/2000 11:52:00 AM")

Q272501 - FIX: Cannot Bind to WSC That Is Written in XML from HTTP Server", "When you bind to a Windows Script Components (.wsc) file that is written in Extensible Markup Language (XML) and that resides in an HTTP server, you may receive error code 800c0010H.", "9086", "11/15/2000 1:15:00 PM")

Q272502 - FIX: VBS FormatCurrency() with Negative Value Asserts on Some Locales", "When Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript) code calls the", "7546", "11/15/2000 1:15:00 PM")

Q264540 - Global Catalog Becomes Stuck in Infinite Loop If There Is a Phantom Rename Collision During Promotion", "Your inbound replication may repeatedly stop working on the same object with error code 8438 ("The directory service is too busy to complete the replication operation at this time").", "7605", "11/15/2000 1:17:00 PM")

Q265401 - Su.exe Generates Error Code 1780 ("A Null Reference Pointer Was Passed to the Stub")", "When you start the Su.exe tool from the Microsoft Windows 2000 Resource Kit, you may receive the following error message:", "7494", "11/15/2000 1:17:00 PM")

Q264600 - Access Violation in Lsass.exe When Using Security Packages", "Lsass.exe may generate access violations during startup if you are using Security packages. This may require the following registry key to be added:", "8060", "11/15/2000 1:17:00 PM")

Q272504 - FIX: VBScript GetObject() Fails to Return Rich Error Information", "When a Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript) script calls the", "7146", "11/15/2000 1:15:00 PM")

Q261601 - Video Does Not Work After Resuming from Hibernation", "When you resume your computer from Hibernate mode on a computer that uses a VIA AGP controller, the computer may stop responding (hang) during the resume process.", "9705", "12/4/2000 10:08:00 PM")

Q265365 - FRS Creates Unneeded Folders in DFS Root Alternates", "Each time a Distributed File System (DFS) link is added, a morphed folder is created if the File Replication service (FRS) is enabled at the root of a distributed file system. This occurs because DFS creates the folders and FRS determines t", "9415", "11/15/2000 1:17:00 PM")

Q261606 - Video Hangs When Running 3D Graphics Programs", "When you run a program that uses 3D AGP functions on a Windows 2000-based computer that contains the VIA AGP chip set, the computer may stop responding (hang).", "9687", "12/4/2000 10:09:00 PM")

Q263603 - Incorrect Behavior in Winlogon for First-Time User with "Must Change Password on First Logon" Setting", "When a new user logs on to a workstation for the first time in a Windows 2000-based domain, the following symptoms can occur if the", "7891", "11/15/2000 1:17:00 PM")

Q266704 - Computer May Hang When Hot-Swapping UDMA IDE Devices", "When you are using Ultra DMA (UDMA) IDE devices (such as IDE hard disks or CD-ROM drives), hot-swapping the devices may cause the new device not to be reprogrammed to use UDMA mode. Hot-swapping with a new device may cause the new device to", "7872", "11/15/2000 1:16:00 PM")

Q263519 - Access Violation Attempting to Use Uninitialized Printer from the Desktop", "AT&T provides software that simulates a Microsoft Windows NT-based domain on a UNIX-based computer. This software creates a printer by using the", "7880", "11/15/2000 1:17:00 PM")

Q262463 - Find.exe Returns Extra Lines When Piped", "When you pipe Find.exe from the console, Find.exe returns an extra line feed that can result in returning a line where the", "8799", "11/15/2000 1:18:00 PM")

Q263607 - New Activations of Remote COM Server May Not Work If Remote Server Has Been Rebooted", "When a program that is running on a Windows 2000-based computer attempts to connect to a Component Object Model (COM) server, the call may not succeed and error code 0x800706BA may be generated. Subsequent attempts to connect to the same CO", "8983", "11/15/2000 1:17:00 PM")

Q268546 - Cacls.exe Orders ACEs Incorrectly When Granting Rights", "After you grant new access rights to a folder by using Cacls, the following error message may be displayed if you use Windows Explorer to view the Security properties:", "7599", "11/15/2000 1:16:00 PM")

Q266710 - DDK Pass-Through Sample Cannot Pass Signability Test", "Network class installers must be able to copy .inf files to the system Inf folder, as the Netsf.inf file does for the Microsoft Windows 2000 Driver Development Kit (DDK) sample pass-through driver. However, when you run the Infcatr tool, yo", "7727", "11/15/2000 1:16:00 PM")

Q265509 - Ntldr Cannot Load Fragmented System Hive", "Your computer may stop responding (hang) during startup from a hard disk that uses the NTFS file system if the System hive file is too large. The System hive file is located in the %SystemRoot%\\System32\\Config folder.", "9287", "11/15/2000 1:17:00 PM")

Q274417 - SMTP Service Hangs When Handling Many Domains", "The Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP) service may become unresponsive (hang) for several minutes or more if many domains are configured in the metabase.", "7198", "1/9/2001 3:43:00 PM")

Q268612 - On-Screen Keyboard Slash Key Mapping Does Not Work with Non-U.S. Keyboard Layout", "When you are using the On-Screen Keyboard tool with a non-U.S. keyboard layout (such as French), clicking the slash (/) character on the numeric keypad may generate an exclamation point (!).", "7391", "11/16/2000 11:36:00 AM")

Q258948 - Cmd.exe Shortcut Does Not Have Same "Run as" Behavior as Command Line", "When you use the", "7410", "11/15/2000 1:19:00 PM")

Q264716 - Network Monitor Incorrectly Filters MAC Address", "When you set a capture filter in Network Monitor to capture only frames that are sent to the the active monitor address on a Token Ring network,  you may also see frames that are sent to the broadcast address in the resultant capture.", "7304", "11/15/2000 1:17:00 PM")

Q265419 - Terminal Services Server Does Not Restart with Restart Command from a Client Session", "When you attempt to restart a Windows 2000-based Terminal Services server from a client session by clicking", "7081", "12/28/2000 6:18:00 PM")

Q261643 - USB Devices Missing in Device Manager After Computer Resumes from Hibernation", "After a computer resumes from hibernation, Universal Serial Bus (USB) devices may be missing. Device Manager may no longer list the connected USB devices.", "7533", "11/15/2000 1:18:00 PM")

Q265376 - FIX: Access Violation Calling CoCreateInstance()", "When you call", "8695", "11/15/2000 1:17:00 PM")

Q265377 - FIX: COM+ Transient Subscription Not Found in TransientSubscription Collection", "After you successfully add a Transient Subscription to the TransientSubscription collection, the subscription may not be found when you access the TransientSubscription collection at a later time. Therefore, it may be impossible to unsubscr", "7079", "11/15/2000 1:17:00 PM")

Q274524 - Multiple Master Fonts Are Not Printed Remotely to PCL Printers", "Printing a document with multiple master fonts to a remote PCL printer may not work if the menu name exceeds 27 characters.", "7573", "11/15/2000 1:14:00 PM")

Q274427 - SMB Connection Is Slow with Services for UNIX Installed", "When you attempt to view resources on a remote computer on the local network, Windows 2000 typically completes the request in 3 to 4 seconds. After you install Services for UNIX (SFU), the same request to view resources on a remote computer", "7794", "1/8/2001 3:19:00 PM")

Q266647 - Drive Letters Automatically Assigned to Unrecognizable Partitions", "Windows 2000 automatically assigns drive letters to all partitions, including partitions that are in raw format (partitions that have not been formatted). This can cause a problem if there are many partitions because Windows 2000 may run ou", "7713", "11/15/2000 1:16:00 PM")

Q265379 - FIX: Memory Leak When Calling Between Configured Components", "A memory leak can occur when you make calls between components that reside in different contexts in a Component Services application. The memory leak occurs only when the call is made through the IDispatch interface.", "8457", "1/23/2001 6:16:00 PM")

Q257828 - Cannot Clear the Cache on a DNS Server", "When you attempt to clear the Domain Name System (DNS) cache, you may receive the following error message:", "6926", "11/15/2000 1:19:00 PM")

Q262539 - Memory Leak in Lsass.exe with Large Built-in Groups", "You might observe a memory leak in Lsass.exe private bytes with the System Monitor tool.", "7816", "11/15/2000 1:18:00 PM")

Q263720 - Macintosh Client Cannot Submit Certificate Request with Netscape Browser", "Certificate requests from Macintosh clients that use the Netscape Navigator browser are not handled properly by Certificate Server. The Navigator certificate request (KeyGen) uses a sign and encoded challenge string; Certificate Server requ", "7443", "11/15/2000 1:17:00 PM")

Q264628 - Inetinfo May Generate Access Violation or Heap Check Debug Break Point During Shutdown", "Inetinfo may generate an access violation or a heap check debug break point   when the IISAdmin service is shutting down. When this problem occurs, either of the following symptoms may occur:", "9857", "11/15/2000 1:17:00 PM")

Q263627 - Computer May Stop Responding with Object Auditing Enabled", "When object auditing is enabled, your Microsoft Windows 2000-based computer may stop responding (hang).", "7692", "1/17/2001 11:24:00 PM")

Q272472 - Runas Command Does Not Work with User Principal Name or Plain User Name", "After you install Microsoft Windows 2000 Service Pack 1, the", "8366", "1/17/2001 4:57:00 PM")

Q263546 - Windows 2000 Can Leave an Unlicensed Connection Active After Logging Off a NetWare 4.x/ 5.x Server", "When clients connect to a Windows 2000 Terminal Services server or to Windows 2000 Professional and connect to a Novell NDS tree through a logon script or a mapped drive using Client Services for NetWare (CSNW), the connection remains on th", "8461", "1/8/2001 10:47:00 PM")

Q272473 - AvoidPdcOnWan Registry Value Does Not Work", "If you set the AvoidPdcOnWan registry value on a domain controller and a password change is made or an incorrect password is used, the domain controller still tries to contact the primary domain controller (PDC) emulator. In addition to the", "7756", "11/17/2000 9:50:00 AM")

Q266655 - Registry Handles Leaked in Winlogon When Canceling Drive Reconnect Dialog Box", "When Windows 2000 is attempting to reconnect user-mapped drives during the logon process, a dialog box that you can use to cancel the operation is displayed. If, during this process, a drive is not available and you click", "7324", "11/15/2000 1:16:00 PM")

Q264631 - Maximum of 854 DHCP Servers in Active Directory", "You can define a maximum of 854 DHCP servers in Active Directory. If you try to authorize additional DHCP servers, you receive the following error message:", "7100", "11/15/2000 1:17:00 PM")

Q265386 - FIX: COM+ Application Proxy Export Includes System Dynamic-Link Library (DLL)", "If you perform an application proxy export on a COM+ application that contains at least one Windows Scripting Host component, the Windows Scripting Host run-time engine, Scrobj.dll, is included in the generated Microsoft Installer (MSI) fil", "7235", "11/15/2000 1:17:00 PM")

Q267556 - Auditing Does Not Report Security Event for Resetting Password on Domain Controller", "If you choose to audit success and failure with the "Audit account management" policy, the auditing does not report the expected success event in the Security log when an administrator resets the user password on a domain controller.", "7620", "11/15/2000 1:16:00 PM")

Q266731 - Access Permission Is Not Inherited on Replaced or Copied File", "The permissions of the parent folder are added to a destination file even if the", "7629", "1/2/2001 10:47:00 AM")

Q263549 - Creating Hard Links on Remote Computers with BackupWrite() May Cause "Access Denied" Error Message", "Creating hard links on remote computers by using the", "8897", "11/15/2000 1:17:00 PM")

Q263550 - Dynamic DNS Update Option Sent to DHCP Server Even If Disabled Globally", "Windows 2000-based clients that are using Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) may not receive IP addresses from non-Microsoft DHCP servers that do not recognize dynamic DNS update option 81. Disabling this option globally by setting ", "7996", "11/15/2000 1:17:00 PM")

Q262497 - Network Connection Lost After Resuming from Hibernate", "If you are using an emulated LAN (ELAN) and your computer enters Hibernate mode, the computer may lose its connection to the network.", "6908", "11/15/2000 1:18:00 PM")

Q274450 - Memory Leak in Services.exe When Checking Arcname", "Services.exe may leak memory at a rate of about 40 MB per day. A Perfmon.exe trace may show the Private Bytes counter rising at a 45-degree angle. If you do not restart the server, the server may display an "out of virtual memory" error mes", "7147", "11/15/2000 1:14:00 PM")

Q268581 - Win32 LookupAccountSid() Function May Not Work in Certain Conditions", "When the Win32", "7795", "1/8/2001 11:19:00 PM")

Q263743 - RasDisable and RasForce WinLogon Policies Can Be Bypassed", "When you set the RasDisable or RasForce WinLogon policies, they appear at first to work. For example, when you press CTRL+ALT+DELETE, the", "7395", "11/15/2000 1:17:00 PM")

Q262637 - Dr Watson Error Message in Services.exe When You Use IPconfig.exe with the /displaydns Switch", "When you run Ipconfig.exe with the display DNS switch (/displaydns), if the cache has a large number of entries, Services.exe may generate a Dr.Watson error message. This symptom has been noted on configurations with Domain Name Resolution ", "6980", "11/15/2000 1:18:00 PM")

Q263643 - Using Virtual COM Port Dials Modem as Pulse Only", "When you connect to a modem pool with the Small Business Server Modem Sharing service from a Windows 2000-based computer, the modem may not respond or may respond incorrectly by not dialing, dialing only in pulse mode, or without using othe", "7974", "11/15/2000 1:17:00 PM")

Q265395 - Windows 2000 Member Runs Discovery Every 15 Minutes with Possible High Dial-on-Demand Line Costs", "Under the following conditions while your computer is idle, your dial-on-demand link activates:", "17305", "11/17/2000 6:16:00 PM")

Q266673 - Membership From the Local Group Cannot Be Deleted for Migrated Users that Have an SID History Field", "When you try to use Clonepr.vbs to clone users from Microsoft Windows NT 4.0-based domain to Windows 2000-based domain and the users from the Windows NT 4.0-based domain are members of any local group on a Windows 2000-based computer, you c", "7681", "1/8/2001 5:27:00 PM")

Q264651 - Kernel Objects May Not Be Shared Across Terminal Services Sessions", "When a program tries to open a kernel object such as an event or a semaphore that was created in another Terminal Services session, it may not succeed. Calling", "8017", "11/15/2000 1:17:00 PM")

Q263749 - There Are No Extended Characters When You Use an MS-DOS-Based Program in a Terminal Services Session", "On some keyboards, you need to press the ALT key that is on the right side of your keyboard to generate many extended characters like the at sign (@) or the backslash (\\). For example, when you use a German keyboard and you press and hold t", "8535", "11/15/2000 1:17:00 PM")

Q267574 - Scheduled Backups Fail on Standalone Tape Drives After Changing Media", "When you schedule a Windows 2000 unattended backup by using a standalone tape drive (library), the first backup job completes successfully. However, after you change the media, the next scheduled backup job does not back up the desired fold", "14442", "11/15/2000 1:16:00 PM")

Q266749 - New File Created with CreateFileMapping() Returns ERROR_LOCK_VIOLATION", "When you create a file with the", "8125", "11/15/2000 1:16:00 PM")

Q268589 - Find Printers Dialog Box Does Not Return Correct Results", "When you add a printer, Windows removes trailing slashes that you type for the location attribute. This may cause problems when you attempt to search for these printers. For example, if a printer is located in USA/Redmond/28/, it is listed ", "7789", "11/15/2000 1:16:00 PM")

Q272493 - USB WritePort Does Not Set dwDataCompleted to 0 When Allocating New Buffer If Data Size Is Variable", "When you attempt to print to some Hewlett-Packard Universal Serial Bus (USB) printers, some of the data sent to the printer may be lost.", "5909", "1/8/2001 10:57:00 PM")

Q272569 - System Process Loses Delayed-Write Data with Windows Clustering", "The fix that is described in this article combines the fixes for the problems that are described in the following articles in the Microsoft Knowledge Base.", "10119", "11/15/2000 1:15:00 PM")

Q266683 - DNS Server Occasionally Refuses Secure Updates", "Secure updates to a Windows 2000-based dynamic Domain Name System (DNS) server may occasionally not work, causing problems when users start their computers and attempt to log on.", "8004", "1/12/2001 11:13:00 AM")

Q266684 - "Access Denied" After Unlocking Workstation When Network Is Disconnected", "After you unlock a workstation with the network disconnected, "Access denied" error messages or other program error messages may occur after about five minutes.", "7382", "11/15/2000 1:16:00 PM")

Q272576 - Cannot Add Local Group to ACL When Logged On with a Local Account", "When you are logged on to a Windows 2000-based computer that is a member of a Microsoft Windows NT 4.0-based domain as a local user (that is, you are not logged on to the domain) and you try to add a local system group such as the Backup Op", "7760", "11/15/2000 1:15:00 PM")

Q267843 - Windows 2000 Telnet Server Stops Responding After Binary Input", "When a Windows 2000-based computer that is running the Telnet Server service receives a malformed stream of binary zeros as input from a Telnet client, the Telnet Server service may stop responding (hang).", "7813", "11/15/2000 1:16:00 PM")

Q274372 - Patch Released for "Domain Account Lockout" Vulnerability", "Microsoft has released a security patch that resolves a vulnerability that  can allow a malicious user to use a brute-force password-guessing a
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