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JSI Tip 3285. The Microsoft Windows Media Player 7 Bonus Pack.

"The Windows Media Player 7 Bonus Pack provides enhancements and tools for Windows Media Player 7.

The preceding Bonus Pack contains the following items:

Audio Converter 3.0 Limited Edition: converts .mp3 files to Windows Media audio files with the .wma extension. The efficiency of Windows Media Format typically results in Windows Media files being significantly smaller than the original .mp3 files. If you use Audio Converter 3.0 Limited Edition, the original files are not modified.

New Skin features: a variety of interesting new Skin features for Windows Media Player 7 are included.

New visualizations: several interesting visualization collections for Windows Media Player 7 are included.

Windows Media Player 7 PowerToys: this collection of PowerToys provides enhancements to Windows Media Player 7. There are three PowerToys: Deluxe CD Data Converter, the Most Recently Used Cleaner, and the PowerToys skin. These PowerToys enable advanced users to manage their Windows Media Player media libraries more effectively, to import track information collected by Deluxe CD Player or Microsoft CD Player into the Windows Media Player database, and to clear the Windows Media Player most recently used file list.

Windows Media Player 7 Winamp Skin Importer: enables you to convert Winamp skins into Windows Media Player 7 skins."

Download the Microsoft Windows Media Player 7 Bonus Pack.

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