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JSI Tip 3281. How do I run a script just once, when a new user logs on to Windows 2000 for the first time?

The first time that a user logs on, the Default User profile is copied to the user's profile.

To configure a script to run when this occurs, and never again:

NOTE: Make sure that you don't 'hide file extension of known type types' and that you do 'Show hidden files and folders'.

1. Run Regedt32 and select HKEY_USERS on Local Machine from the Windows menu.

2. With HKEY_USERS highlighted in the left hand pane, press Load Hive from the Registry menu.

3. Navigate to C:\Documents and Settings\Default User\Ntuser.dat and press Open.

4. When prompted, type AAAA into the Key Name box.

5. Navigate to HKEY_USERS\AAAA\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Runonce.

6. Select the Runonce key in the left hand pane and press Add Value from the Edit menu.

7. Name the value anything you want (ScriptName.bat is ok).

8. Leave the default data type as REG_SZ and enter the full path to the script (c:\folder\ScriptName.bat).

9. Highlight the AAAA hive and press Unload Hive from the Registry menu.

NOTE: To determine the local profiles that are located on a Windows 2000 computer, use Control Panel / System / User Profiles.

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