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JSI Tip 3262. How can you use SMS Remote Control, without a clients permission?

When you use SMS Remote Control, and the client is NOT present to respond to the 'permission' prompt, you have a problem. When the client is a server with no one logged on, you clearly need a solution.

You can use Regedt32 on the client, to navigate to:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\SMS\Client\Client Components\Remote Control.

Edit or Add Value name Permission Required, and set the data value to 0.

If you are doing this for selected clients, such as server computers, you should set the UpdateEnabled value to NO, to prevent the Permission Required value from being reset when security munging forces site-wide settings to client computers.

NOTE: If you deny the clients write permission on the Remote Control key, settings can not accidentally be reset.

NOTE: If you have any Win16 clients, edit the SMSrc16.ini file and add UpdateEnabled=NO in the \[Client Components - Remote Control\] section.

NOTE: When security munging is disabled on a client, the Remctrl.log file will log the fact.

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