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JSI Tip 3231. How do I configure an IP Address for NLB with one NIC?

To use this procedure, the following must be true:

1. Your Windows 2000 Advance Server has NLB installed on a single NIC.

2. The cluster (virtual) IP address is with subnet mask

3. The IP Address will be 192.168.0.x with subnet mask and will be unique between all NLB cluster members.

To configure the NIC:

01. Control Panel / Network and Dial-up Connections.

02. Right-click the NIC, and press Properties.

03. Select the Network Load Balancing check box.

04. Press Network Load Balancing, and press Properties.

05. Select the Cluster tab.

06. Type the dedicated IP address in the Primary IP address box, and enter the appropriate subnet mask.

07. Select the Host Parameters tab.

08. Type the dedicated IP address and the appropriate subnet mask.

09. Press OK.

10. Press Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), and press Properties.

11. Select Use the following IP address and enter the virtual IP address.

12. Make sure that the advanced properties of TCP/IP shows both the virtual IP and the Primary IP address under the IP settings.

13. Press OK and OK.

The server is now configured to accept connections to the virtual address and will load balance with other servers if they are properly configured.

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