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JSI Tip 3226. A recently installed program issues an 'Access Denied' error message?

When you try to run a recently installed program, you receive an Access Denied error message.

When an Administrator or an EFS (Encrypting File System) recovery agent runs the program, they do NOT experience the problem.

Additionally, only an Administrator or an EFS recovery agent can use the Explorer bar on the desktop.

The above behavior will happen if the %TEMP% folder was encrypted when the program, critical update, or hotfix was installed.

NOTE: If the %TEMP% folder is encryted during installation, some required files, which are move out of the %TEMP% folder to a public location, remain encrypted.

To fix the problem:

1. Log on as a member of the Administrators group.

2. Remove the encryption attribute from the %TEMP% folder.

3. Reinstall the object (application, critical update, hotfix, etc..).

4. Encrypt the %TEMP% folder, if desired.

NOTE: See tip 2641 » How do I back up my Encrypting File System private key?

NOTE: See tip 2410 » Security in Windows 2000 - WebCast and download.

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