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JSI Tip 3211. How do I use a Folder.htt file to customize a web view of a folder?

You can customize a folder view in a limited way by using a Desktop.ini file.

If you also include a folder.htt file, it uses standard HTML, DHTML, and scripting techniques to display a web view, obtaining and displaying information and interacting with the user.

Click here to see a sample of a My Computer detail view:

A simple way to start is to copy %SystemRoot%\Web\folder.htt and modify it, or use it as is. You can look at other .htt files to get ideas.

NOTE: This is a hidden file. Once modified in your folder, it should be marked as read-only and hidden, and protected with NTFS permissions.

A web view file uses the .htt extension because it is slightly different from a standard .htm document. It supports the %THISDIR% and %THISDIRPATH% variables which represent the name and path of the currently selected folder. The %TEMPLATEDIR% variable represents the folder where the Web view style sheets are stored.

NOTE: It is best to NOT use the %TEMPLATEDIR% variable and to include style information in your folder.htt file.


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