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JSI Tip 3195. Mixed case names are registered in WINS?

It is OK to have mixed case names in the WINS database, as the NetBIOS name space is NOT case sensitive.

If you have a computer named Server1, you could see:

SeRvEr1---- \[00h\]
SeRvEr1---- \[02h\]
SeRvEr1---i \[00h\]
SeRvEr1---i \[02h\]
You might also see entries similar to:
iNtEl.nBcBaGr. \[02h\]
iNtEl.nBcBaGr. \[00h\]
iNtEl.nBcBaGr. \[01h\]
These name registrations are made by the Intel Ping Discover Service ( PDS) software from the Intel LanDesk Management Suite.

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