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JSI Tip 3183. How do I start Internet Explorer in Kiosk mode?

When you start Internet Explorer in Kiosk mode, IE runs in Full Screen mode. The Internet Explorer title bar, menus, toolbars, and status bar are not displayed. You can switch to other running applications using ALT+TAB or CTRL+ALT+DEL, but you can't get to the desktop until you quit IE.

To start IE in Kiosk mode:

Start /Run / iexplore -k page / OK

where page can be:

    Null         Your Start page is used.
    A Web address
    A local web page         <Drive:>\Folder\page.htm
    A remote web page         \\ServerName\ShareName\page.htm

To exit Internet Explorer in Kiosk mode, press ALT+F4.

The following shortcut are enabled in Kiosk mode:

   Key combination  Function
   CTRL+A           Select all (editing)
   CTRL+B           Organize favorites
   CTRL+C           Copy (editing)
   CTRL+F           Find (on current page)
   CTRL+H           View History folder
   CTRL+L           Open Location dialog box
   CTRL+N           New window (opens in non-Kiosk mode)
   CTRL+O           Open Location dialog box (same as CTRL+L)
   CTRL+P           Print
   CTRL+R           Refresh
   CTRL+S           Save
   CTRL+V           Paste (editing)
   CTRL+W           Close (same as ALT+F4)
   CTRL+X           Cut (editing)
   ALT+F4           Close
   ESC              Stop
   F5               Refresh 

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