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JSI Tip 3178. Event 7 and 111 when I insert a cleaning cartridge in my changer?

When you inject a cleaning cartrige into a slot on your changer, you receive:

Event Source: ddsmc (a DDS Changer)
Event ID: 7
Description: The device, \Device\Changer0, has a bad block. 

Event Source: Removable Storage Service
Event ID: 111
Description: RSM could not load media in drive Drive 0 of library XXXX
RSM can NOT tell the difference between a standard cartridge and a cleaning cartridge.

When this occurs, remove the cleaning cartridge from the slot. Then set the magazine in the changer again. RSM automatically configures it and synchronizes its database.

To use a cleaning cartridge in a changer, you MUST reserve a slot for it:

1. Start / Run / ntmsmgr.msc / OK.

2. Double-click Removable Storage.

3. Double-click Physical Locations.

4. Right-click the changer device and press Cleaner Management Wizard.

5. Follow the on-screen instructions.

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