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JSI Tip 3174. Your Outlook Express or Outlook 98 password is NOT retained in Windows 2000?

When you run Outlook Express or Outlook 98 on Windows 2000 to retrieve e-mail from a POP server, your password is not remembered, even though you told it to.

To resolve the problem:

01. Exit all running applications.

02. Use Regedt32 to navigate to:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Protected Storage System Provider

03. Select the Protected Storage System Provider key.

04. On the Security menu, Press Permissions.

05. Press the Advanced button. Check the Reset permissions on all child objects..... box and press Apply and OK. Insure that the currently logged on user has Full Control and respond affirmatively if you are prompted when resetting the permissions.

06. Delete the subkey of all users that have this password retention problem.

07. Exit Regedt32 and restart the computer.

08. Control Panel / Mail or Control Panel / Mail and Fax.

For Outlook Express

09. Select Internet E-mail.

10. Press Properties.

11. Select the Server tab.

12. Enter the Password and select Remember Password.

13. Press OK and Close.

14. Exit Control Panel.

15. Start Outlook Express.

16. Press Send and Receive on the Tools menu to verify that your password has been retained.

For Outlook 98

17. Select the Mail tab.

18. Select the ISP account and press Properties.

19. Perform steps 11 - 14.

20. Start Outlook 98.

21. Press Send on the Tools menu to verify that your password has been retained.

NOTE: You must enter the password and select Remember Password for each profile that is having password retention problems. These users may have to logon to reapply their password settings.

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