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JSI Tip 3147. Some 'Network and Dial-Up Connections' icons are missing or your receive a 'Make New Connection' error?

When you use Start / Settings and double-click Network and Dial-up Connections, one or more of the follow occurs:

- The Local Area Connection icon is missing.

- The Make New Connection icon is missing.

- Double-clicking Make New Connection generates:

Unable to create the specified connection. This can be caused by insufficient memory or not enough disk space.

This problem can be caused by one or more of the following:

- The Plug and Play service is not running.

- The Remote Procedure Call (RPC) service is stopped.

- You changed the DCOM default settings using the Dcomcnfg.exe tool.

- One or more of the following Dlls is not properly registered:

To fix the problem:

Service NOT started

01. Start / Programs / Administrative Tools / Computer Management.

02. Double-click Services and Applications.

03. Press Services.

04. Double-click Plug and Play.

05. Toggle Startup type to Automatic.

06. Press OK.

07. Restart your computer.

08. Repeat steps 1 - 7 for the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) service.

NOTE: The Network COnnection service must also be started. Its' Startup type is Manual.

NOTE: If the RPC service is disabled, use the Start value at tip 0324 » Registry entries for services.

NOTE: You may have to press F5 a few times, after the restart, to see the icon.

DCOM settings

09. Start / Run / dcomcnfg / OK.

10. Select the Default Properties tab.

11. Select any setting other than Anonymous in the Default Impersonation Level box. The default setting is Identify.

Dll NOT registered

12. Open a CMD prompt and type the following 3 lines:
           regsvr32 netshell.dll
           regsvr32 netcfgx.dll
           regsvr32 netman.dll
13. Restart your computer.

See tip 2662 » I only have the Make New Connection icon in Network and Dial-up Connections?

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