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JSI Tip 3129. Computers that were imaged by Sysprep take longer to logon?

When you log onto a computer that was setup using Sysprep, it take longer than on computers that were manually setup?

NOTE: See Tip 2528 - Windows 2000 System Preparation Tool.
                    Tip 2361 - Cloning Windows 2000 and Using Sysprep, WebCast and download.

Sysprep erroneously sets the data value of MaxNoGPOListChangesInterval to 1, causing the GPO to reload on every startup.

To workaround this issue, reset HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\GPExtensions\\{827D319E-6EAC-11D2-A4EA-00C04F79F83A\}\MaxNoGPOListChangesInterval to decimal 960 (0x3c0), 16 hours, the default for this REG_DWORD data type.

NOTE: MaxNoGPOListChangesInterval is the number of minutes that the Group Policy Extension is to be skipped because the policy has NOT changed.

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