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JSI Tip 3125. The Windows 2000 Group Policy Editor failed to open the GPO?

When you use the Group Policy Editor to edit a Group Policy object ( GPO), you receive:

Failed to open the Group Policy Object. You may not have appropriate rights.

Details: The system cannot find the path specified.

If any of the following Sysvol folders are missing, this error can occur:





To fix the problem, you can restore, or you can recreate the folder structure.

NOTE: The files and folders in the <Machine> and <User> folders are re-created when you make a change to the policy file using the the Group Policy snap-in.

To find the Globally Unique Identifier (GUID), use either of the following:

Use Active Directory User and Computers:

1. Start the Active Directory User and Computers snap-in.

2. Check Advanced Features on the View menu.

3. Press the + next to the System folder.

4. Press the + next to the Policies folder.

5. The \{GUID\}s are listed as folders.

Use Ldp.exe:

01. Start Ldp.exe from the Support\Reskit\Netmgmt\Dstool on the retail Windows 2000 Server CD-ROM.

02. Press Connect on the Connection menu.

03. Enter the Server name.

04. Verifythat the port is set to 389.

05. Clear the Connectionless box.

06. Press OK to display server data in the right hand pane.

07. Press Bind on the Connection menu.

08. Enter the UserName, password, and DNSDomainName. You may have to mouse click to select the Domain check box.

09. Press OK to receive Authenticated as dn:'<User>' in the right hand pane.

10. Press Tree on the View menu.

11. Enter dc=<DomainName>,dc=<DomainName> in the Base DN box.

12. Press the + next to the System folder.

13. Press the + next to the Policies folder.

14. There should be a container with a \{GUID\} for every GPO in the directory.

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