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JSI Tip 3097. Error - 'Disk Defragmenter could not initialize'?

When you try to use the Windows 2000 Disk Defragmenter utility on an NTFS volume, you receive:

Disk Defragmenter could not initialize

If your NTFS volume is highly fragmented and it's Master File Table (MFT) is highly fragmented, you could receive the subject error.

Microsoft recommends:

"To work around this issue, back up the data on the NTFS volume, and verify that the backup file contains all of the file data. Then reformat the NTFS volume and restore it from the backup file. When this procedure is complete, the Disk Defragmenter utility should run successfully against that volume."

I recommend that you download the fully functional Diskeeper V6.0 eval, from the link at download the fully functional Diskeeper V6.0 eval from the link in my catalog. Use its'

option to check Directory Consolidation, Defragment the MFT, and if needed, Reduce Paging File Fragments.

NOTE: This may take some time to complete.

NOTE: Remove as many trash files as possible to provide ample freespace.

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