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JSI Tip 3092. How do I make the Accessibility Options available at logon?

When the Accessibility Options tool is used to enable the accessibility features built into Windows 2000 to assist persons with disabilities, these features are applied after log on.

If a persons disability prevents them from simulaneously holding down the CTRL+ALT+DELETE key combination, you would want the StickeyKeys feature enabled at logon:

1. Logon with administrative priviledges.

2. Control Panel / Accessibility Options.

3. Select the settings required for the user of this PC.

4. On the General tab, check the Apply all settings to logon desktop box.

5. Press OK.

NOTE: You can enable/disable the accessibilities feature by using the keyboard shortcuts assigned.

NOTE: Start / Help / Index and type accessibility. Double-click the Accessibility features and information topic, and then double-click the Accessibility for special needs overview topic, OR visit

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